Hands 2 Your Health

Carla Schaaf-Krista
Licensed Massage Therapist
(937) 272-4421

Currently working at:
The Event Connections Building
4140 Linden Ave.
Riverside, OH 45432

Please watch for upcoming Holiday Gift Packages.

As always, I will accept all competitors advertised prices.

All hours by appointment only.

Arthritis & Pain Sufferers – Therapeutic Massage relieves pain & stiffness.
Athletes – Massage increases your flexibility & nourishes your muscles.
Professionals – Massage helps to relieve stress & increase productivity.
Diabetics – Massage can lower blood sugar and increase circulation to legs & feet.
Mothers & Mothers to be – Experience a wealth of benefits from Therapeutic Massage.
Everyone – Massage Therapy boosts your immune system.

Now is the time to treat yourself to all the health benefits of Massage Therapy.

Ask about my referral program. As always, buy 10 get one free.

One thought on “Hands 2 Your Health

  1. I have been going to Carla for several years. She is proficient in sports massage as well as Swedish massage. As a runner/walker, and long hours at the desk, massage offers relief from overworked muscles or strains on the neck and back. I like the extra touch of the steamed towels to help relax stiff or strained muscles as well. For those who are sports minded as well as those who have long hours in either manual or sedentary jobs, she can assist with aches, tiredness, and muscle rejuvenation.

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