Please note that your voucher does not include sales tax.  At this time I can only accept cash for this tax.  Sales tax must be paid at the time of your appointment.  Please have your voucher printout or number with you at the time of your appointment.

I ask that all clients show up at the time of their appointment.  I include time for paperwork within your designated time slot.  If you are early, the door may be locked as I work by appointment only.  If you are early and the door is unlocked, there will, likely be a client on the table.  Please check for your paperwork and relax while I finish my prior appointment.

I do accept expired vouchers within reason.  Due to a recent deluge of expired vouchers, I am working overtime to cover them.  Because of the extra hours away from my family, I will be charging a $10. late fee for expired vouchers.  Please call before they expire to avoid this charge.  As long as you call before your voucher expires you are exempt from the late fee, even if you are scheduled after the expiration date.

Some weeks are busier than others.  Some days I may answer your call immediately other days it may be a few days.  I will call you back at the first available opportunity.  Feel free to let me know how late I can call in the evenings. I try not to return calls after 9:00 pm unless I know it is OK with you.

Please note that I cannot check my voicemail, write down messages, and return calls between clients.  The quickest way to reach me will always be text messaging as I CAN check between clients.

Phone voicemail messages may take 3-5 days to answer.

Emails may take up to a week as this is also, time consuming between clients.

I will no longer be booking any appointments through Facebook Messaging App. Facebook’s privacy agreement allows them to solicit my contact list.  Sharing my client info is illegal.  I don’t always have time to log in on my desktop to check Facebook messages.  So please, don’t depend on this service to make appointments.  However I do try to answer your questions on my page as often as time allows.

Until then, Relax and Breath.

Carla Schaaf-Krista, LMT